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Hello everyone! It’s Katie from Otakanomori.
November is the end of fall.
Do you know ‘fall’?
It’s the season between summer and winter! I like fall the best.
Do you know why it’s called ‘fall’?
Because the leaves ‘fall’ from the trees!
But, do you know that fall has another name? In England, we say
Which is easier to say, ‘fall’ or ‘autumn’?


11月は秋の終わり、 ‘fall’という単語の意味をご存知ですか?

そしてなぜ’fall’と言うのかをご存知ですか?葉は木から落ちる(fall からです)
皆さんは’fall’と ‘autumn’どちらの方が言いやすいですか?