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Hello every one, it’s Ricky from Minamikashiwa!
Summer vacation is approaching, I hope you are all staying cool.

In July we are going to be learning about Transportation and how long it
takes to go places in our 5th class. We will have an exciting time
learning how to ask questions and how to answer Departure times, Prices,
and Lengths of buses and trains. We will also have fun learning about
different transportation vehicles!  What kind of transportation do you
use to go to places?

Do you have any plans for summer vacation? If you do, where are you
going and how are you going to travel? I like to go by train when I
travel. What about you? Do you prefer going by bus, train, car, or

See you in class!


そして、夏休みの予定はありますか? 行くとしたら、どこへ、どのように旅行しますか?
私は電車の旅が好きです。皆さんはどうですか? バス、電車、車、飛行機がどれが好きですか?

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