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Hello everyone, It’s Justice from Minami Kashiwa.
It’s already November, and our students just finished a month of
Halloween! Before we start out Christmas lessons in December, we will
learn lots of other new things.
Our Begin and 1st classes are reviewing colors and learning about
insects and kitchenware. 2nd and 3rd classes are learning about classes
and after school activities, as well as how to tell time. Our 4th
through 6th classes are learning about places in the city, countable and
uncountable nouns, and superlatives and comparatives respectively.
I hope we can have a fun month together before we get into the holiday
spirit in December.

すでに11 月になり、ハロウィンの月が終わりましたね。クリスマスレッスンを始める前に、他にもたくさんの新しいことを学びましょう。

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