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Hello everyone! It’s Joseph from Otakanomori.
It’s February, which means it will soon be Spring.
In 2nd and 3rd class recently, we have been practicing the song “All You
Need Is Love”. We’ve practiced and learnt many new words from this song.

Also, in 2nd and 3rd, we’ve been learning about chores and if we can do
them or not, as well as looking at opposites, such as sweet/sour,
light/dark and fast/slow.

Do you like the song “All You Need Is Love”?
Do you enjoy chores?
How many opposites can you think of?
I hope to see you at Handz soon.

2nd、3rdクラスでは、“All You Need Is Love”を練習しています。この歌から新しい単語をたくさん学んでいます。

それに加え今月は家事に関する言葉を“can” “can’t”を使って表現する練習をしています。

あなたは“All You Need Is Love”は好きですか?


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